A Review of Kaspersky vs Ransomware


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A Review of Kaspersky vs Ransomware

Kaspersky is one of the few companies that still allows you to test its independent components separately. In this test, we are going to turn off the real-time signatures and try to run some ransom around the system. What we’re

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5 Reasons your Android Smartphone is Charging Slowly

Is your Android Smartphone Charging Slowly? I am sure you are always screwed with this: you get home late after a tiring working day, or you have a hot date lined up for the night something that implies you don’t have

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Smartphone to report war crimes through upcoming Eyewitness App

Regardless of whether harmful or just dangerous scenes and place around the world, solderssss or law enforcement may be committing abuses a handset is a key weapon this is because it provides valuable evidence of crimes. Frequently, information about violent

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Datally is the Google’s solution to saving mobile data


Whether you are aware of it or not, almost every single app on your smart phone is using some of your mobile data. Some of these apps use up most of your mobile data may be without you even noticing.

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Is antivirus industry dead?


According to the past research done in 1999, the antivirus software itself can act as a source of the exploitable susceptibilities, but in spite of this fact the industry has continued to make its way even if not always flourished

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Best 5 Antivirus for Android 2017


It is considered important and wise to reveal a list of antivirus applications for Android in 2017, taking into consideration how often malware scams in the Google Play Store are reported.  (10 raters, 46 scores, average: 4.60 out of 5)

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