A Review of Kaspersky vs Ransomware

A Review of Kaspersky vs Ransomware

Kaspersky is one of the few companies that still allows you to test its independent components separately. In this test, we are going to turn off the real-time signatures and try to run some ransom around the system. What we’re trying to learn is how well its behavioral components react to unknown malware. Keep in mind this is not a standard test. This is going to be a more specific test that aims at figuring out how well equipped this product is to deal with unknown ransomware, so we’ll turn off the real-time signatures that should get rid of any signature detection, and now it should be purely up to the behavior blocker and now we’ll grab more samples and we’ll try running some of these.

Now you should also have your pictures folder open just so we can instantly notice any file trying to make changes to our system. So first we’ll go with atom Locker and it is instantly detected in the memory process and the alert says application performing dangerous activity characteristic of malware. So this is a behavioral alert and now you have an option to disinfect and restart or try to disinfect without restart and either way the ransomware fails to execute and does not do any damage.

Kaspersky vs Ransomware

So that’s a win for Kaspersky. Now we’ll go ahead and proceed. Next, I’m going to try MUL and it seems once again we have a similar response. Goldeneye is a slightly different kind of ransomware more like Petya, but it is also detected the same way. So, the behavioral components here are pretty good and they seem to be picking up all of these threats, regardless of the fact that the file antivirus is disabled.

All of these are being picked up without the signatures just based on their malicious actions, and I think that is quite impressive. I really like this kind of protection in a Navy product as compared to some kind of safeguarding particular folders or whitelisting because, let’s face it, this is the real deal. Behavioral protection is what you really want. It has the ability to actually detect and recognize new malware and protect you and all your data, regardless of what manual steps you take so big thumbs up to Kaspersky here. Stay informed and stay secured.

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