4 Best Antivirus Apps for Smartphones 2014

4 Best Antivirus Apps for Smartphones 2014

Day by day the mobile marketing is growing in an exponential manner. Acceding to a research monthly more than 5 thousands app are uploaded to Google play store and other app stores. Weather forecasting, games, cloud, antivirus, alarm, calculators and many other apps are available in market in free of cost. If you want more features then only you have to buy an app otherwise you can run every application free of cost. Today we are going to tell you the best antivirus app for smartphones 2014.

Why we use antivirus apps?

The Internet is not secure every second we fetch data’s from the internet. Downloading of data’s, work files, app/software’s but we always forget about the security our smartphones because with the data downloading some infected and virus from internet store in your smartphone. They can harm your device and can infect the important information. For the safety of the device it is must use antivirus and for this we have to download the antivirus apps from trusted soured. Here I am going to share the best antivirus app for smartphones 2014.

avast antivirus


Most downloaded, trusty and easy use app of all time. Providing device security services from past 4 years.It is a free app for the Android OS, various tools for protection are available. Provide the web shield to the device and completely scans it, which scan URLs as well as malware every time. This app enables to control the mobile device by using SMS. For instance, if you have lost your mobile device, don’t worry, you can use the app to lock it from the remote. A Great feature is you can locate the device with content wipe out. The App is having more than 1.4 million downloads and 95% five star rating.

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360 mobile security

360 Mobile Security

This antivirus software/app has a high detection rate by focusing on detecting as well as removal of threats that are going to threatening your smartphone. The main advantage of this app is that it is a light app and is also totally free. The app offers you a real time scan and regular shield to protect the phone from spyware’s and from all types of malware. On regular basis this app cleans the idle apps in the background, so that the device can run more efficiently and faster. With the help of a privacy advisor we can manage the app according to us.one of the best antivirus app for smartphones 2014

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 cm security free antivirus

CM Security

App is famous as malware detection application and very useful for Android smartphones because of its good protection program. After the scan is complete, this apps list out the threats and solves them as per your command. Other features offered include a Privacy Advisor same as 360 mobile security. In the list of best options the option of secure browsing come first, which works well with most of the existing browsers.

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 comodo mobile security

Comodo Mobile Security

This antivirus app has the amazing set of utilities for protecting your smartphone from malware as well as protecting your privacy. It is totally free security application and start automatically for checking out the new updates as soon as you install this app, once confirmation is given. Once it has scanned your device, list out the report under the categories of Dangerous; pending; and Secure with deep descriptions about the malware and spams.

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Here is our list of best antivirus app for smartphones 2014. You are most welcome to add your antivirus app in this list so that we can learn from you and improve our list

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