How to Choose the Right Android Antivirus

How to Choose the Right Android Antivirus

What are the features of the right Android antivirus? The best Android antivirus must possess a constantly kept up to date database of recognized computer virus threats and have the ability to scan all the indispensable Android system files for infections on demand. In addition, your top Android antivirus must have the capability to determine and clean up computer viruses and other adware and spyware programs.

Inspecting of mobile application and real-time scanning for viruses are some of the other features to look for in the right Android antivirus. Another desirable feature of Android antivirus is the anti-theft protection. In the event of theft therefore, Android antivirus must make it effortlessly to discover the device and also safeguard information kept on it. Another feature you need to consider before choosing the best Android antivirus is the checking the SMS service content for malware.

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